About Tunedough®

Tunedough® provides you with the knowledge and resources necessary to grow your music business and collect the money owed to you.

Tunedough® is an online, self guided course that assists artists with the often confusing process of song registration. Founded by singer/songwriter Sarah Clanton, Tunedough® aims to empower songwriters and performers across the globe.

The suite offers side by side video instructions that detail song registrations for Performing Rights Organizations, Digital Distribution, SoundExchange, The MLC, and more. Furthermore, users are able to download helpful file and data management tools that help to simplify music careers. Targeted to music makers and managers alike, the user-friendly course clearly illustrates the importance of proper registration and highlights the unfortunate results when these practices fail.


Tunedough® plans to hold a welcoming presence at a variety of music based homes from national conventions to a selection of local events. Team members look forward to sharing education and the awareness of money lost in the music community while expanding Tunedough’s network and impact.

Meet The Founder

Sarah Clanton, Founder of Tunedough®, on stage with her cello. She holds the cello in front her body, with her legs on either side. She wears sparkling leggings. Her hair falls loose over her shoulders. Her head is tossed back and she is smiling.

Sarah Clanton

Co-Founder of Tunedough®

I’m Sarah Clanton, founder of Tunedough®. As a career songwriter, touring musician, and cellist, I’ve experienced my fair share of setbacks in the music industry. But instead of letting them discourage me, I used those challenges as fuel for personal growth. I emerged from those experiences stronger and more determined than ever, driven to help fellow artists avoid similar obstacles.

During my journey, I stumbled upon the issue of unclaimed royalties, which inspired the creation of Tunedough®—a company that simplifies the complex process of song registration. Together with a team of dedicated individuals, I have developed a platform dedicated to empowering musicpreneurs and ensuring they receive the royalties they deserve.

As a coach, I’m passionate about guiding artists nationwide to reclaim their rightful earnings through our self-guided courses or personalized services. But my dedication to fun, balance, and finding joy extends far beyond music. It’s a mindset that permeates every aspect of my life.

Come explore my music and learn more about me at www.sarahclanton.com. Let’s embark on this journey together and create a thriving music business while staying true to ourselves.